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A variety pack of our 3x bold flavours: Tangy Raspberry & Lime, Spiced Orange & Ginger and Sweet Melon & Mint.  

Tangy Raspberry & Lime features wonky Scottish raspberries bringing in the floral fruit notes and a nice citrus like twist of lime balancing the fruits of provenance with the fruit wine base for a well-balanced refreshing feel.  

Spiced Orange & Ginger makes the most of the steam distilled oranges from Brazil which provide a sharp kick of zesty orange and vitamins followed by fresh cuts of ginger adding a dynamic heat ready to warm your soul.

Sweet Melon & Mint is a blend of cantaloupe melon and watermelon which provide a refreshingly unique soothing and sweet taste from across Europe which is shaken up with a light twist of fresh garden mint.

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The drinks are refreshing, light and flavourful

The drinks are refreshing, light and flavourful. It's also a plus that it's all natural and low cal. I've been looking for something like this in the UK and very glad I found your product! I'll be reordering more especially for the summer.

Kate, S.

Verified Customer
This tastes great, love the unique flavours

These taste great, love the unique flavours and Melon & mint is my favourite! Only 92 calories per can and zero sugar/carbs... works well for me & the Mrs to keep fit and still have some good fun as we come to the end of lockdown.

James, L.

Verified Customer
A great alternative to a beer

A great alternative to a beer. My favourite is the Spiced Orange. You can really taste the 100% natural ingredients which makes it feel much more healthy than the other hard seltzer I've tried that taste more plastic & artificial!!

Simon, M.

Verified Customer
Light and Refreshing as well as Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly

Light and Refreshing as well as Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly - I would definitely recommend buying Sentz. Thanks Xavier.

Sophie, H.

Verified Customer
The perfect option for pre-drinks

The perfect option for pre-drinks. Ticks all the boxes for us and makes sense/SENTZ ;) My favourite is Tangy Raspberry and Lime.

Tao, W.

Verified Customer
I tried SENTZ at your London event and it was amazing!

I tried SENTZ at your London event and it was amazing! This past weekend we drank some cans I bought and with the prospect of a long summer as we hopefully come out of lockdown, I figured I’d need some reinforcements. Raspberry & Lime is my favourite!

Erin, V.

Verified Customer

What is a hard seltzer?

Seltzer is a catchall term for sparkling or fizzy water - so a ‘hard' seltzer is simply carbonated water mixed with alcohol and fruit flavouring. Hard seltzers have exploded in the last couple of years, taking over the beer industry in the USA, proving popular with clean living Americans in particular.

Relatively new to the UK and Europe, Hard Seltzers are paving the way for a new style of consumption - at around 90 calories, little to no sugar or carbs, and with fruity flavours... they’re the perfect clean and refreshing drinking alternative.

Fuelling all the fun this summer, from festival fields to playful parties, sun-dipped rooftops to fabulous Friday’s - Hard Seltzers have got you covered (without the calories, carbs and unknown nasties of canned cocktails)!

SENTZ Hard Seltzer is your host of the party - the Hard Seltzer that simply #makesSENTZ

don’t take our word for it,

dive in below.

ethical & responsible

We couldn’t create SENTZ without acknowledging the many communities throughout the world without basic access to clean, fresh drinking water. For every can purchased, we pledge 19L of clean drinking water to communities in need.

We want you to enjoy our drinks knowing you made a purchase with purpose.